Animations array empty on GLTF from examples

Hi, I’m trying to setup an animated GLTF model, but it seems that the animations array of the model is empty at first I thought it was an issue with my model but after I tried the Xbot model from three js sources it seems that the animations array is still empty.
As it run in the example I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

import { GLTFLoader } from "three/examples/jsm/loaders/GLTFLoader";
const loader = new GLTFLoader();
loader.load("Xbot.glb", (gltf) => {
  console.log(gltf.animations); // EMPTY

GLTFLoader returns animations attached to the root gltf.animations object. If that array is empty, the model does not contain any animation.

In the screenshot you show several other empty animations: [] arrays, attached to some THREE.Group and THREE.Object3D instances. GLTFLoader does not use those arrays, and they will always be empty when loading a glTF file. So you only need to check the root gltf.animations list.

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Oh my god Im so stupid, okay I get it. Thanks.
For some reason I’ve setted my loader to return the .scene object of the gltf but animations are in the root of the gltf.

Thanks a lot.

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