Elysian - WebXR Multiplayer Shooter

Hey folks! I just launched my WebXR multiplayer shooter experience - Elysian, here is a quick intro, please consider checking it out at https://elysian.fun/ if you have a Quest headset:

Announcement tweet

Elysian, a WebXR multiplayer shooter game developed by Felix Z, utilizes the Elixr game engine, built on Three.js to offer a captivating and immersive gaming experience.

Elysian offers two game modes. In the single-player survival mode, you face an onslaught of relentless droids, testing your survival skills to their limits. Alternatively, the multiplayer deathmatch mode brings up to 4 players into a thrilling competition - intense 5-minute games where the highest kill score wins.

Elysian is designed as a controller-only experience, prioritizing full immersion into the virtual world. Direct movement is achieved using the joystick on your left controller, while the joystick on your right controller enables snap turning. You can shoot using the trigger on your right controller, and deploy an energy shield to deflect bullets by pressing and holding the grip on your left controller.