Dynamic size of Object

Hello Member,
In below link, I have a home (map) and animal. Animal is moving whenever click on the map. I can Zoom-In(big) and Zoom-Out(small) using Scroll of the mouse.
But how I can achieve reverse operation only on Animal Object, means While Zoom out animal become big and **while zoom-in Animal become small **


Like this? https://jsfiddle.net/y5xxwj9c/34/

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Thank for quick response
some what correct, But Home is not zoom in or zoom out.

  1. when home zoom-in(big) && animal zoom out(small)
  2. when home zoom-out(small) && animal zoom in(big)

opposite operation on Home & animal

In that case, look at where I applied the multiplyScalar operation to the animal and apply the opposite multiplication to the Home at the same time.

Possibly, you’re looking for somethingn like that:

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Hello Sir, I tried with you code. But Home is not Zoom-In or Zoom-out.
Also I have added another animal its working fine, But I did not understood why not home is not working

check new jsfiddle