Dynamic Cubemap

I’m trying to use a Cubemap as part of a material and update it every frame. I have a material envMap linked to Cubemap.renderTarget.texture. I call render each animation and it is a slide show! Even at size 128. Is this normal or is there something I’m doing wrong?

I saw the ping pong chrome example and it seems to run fast but mine to too slow for use. I am on rev 98 I believe.


Do you have a working example to show? You could post on Codepen.io or JSFiddle.net so others can see if you’re doing something wrong, or if there are ways to optimize it.

I will try and get a demo. Never done it before.

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I believe it was due to rendering the entire scene 6 times per cube camera and then for the main camera without any optimizations for every frame, it’s just too much to ask of my hardware.

I am now taking one cube capture with dynamic objects removed and near static objects.