Drei useAnimations, the ref, and rotation.reorder

Hey @drcmda ,

Here’s one that’s way out in the reeds.

I’m battling to find a good place to update the Euler order.

In Blender I have an animation that only works correctly (due to gimbal lock) when the Mode is set to ZYX.

GLB doesn’t seem to hold this information. No worries, I know we can update the order in Three.

However it doesn’t seem to work.

here’s what I mean

const { ref: animRef, actions } = useAnimations(animations);

useEffect(() => {
   // This will run the animation as if the order is XYZ
   console.log(animRef.current.rotation.order) // ZYX
}, []);

The animation is clearly still running the default XYZ and not listening to the new order, is there a different place I should be setting this? Like in the clip or something?

this is out of my league im afraid. i don’t know enough about the gltf standard. will it export the order? if it does, and if it differs from xyz, then gltfjsx (i assume that’s what you used?) should forward that information into the jsx nodes. if this is a gltfjsx issue indeed, could you send me the file perhaps?