React-three/drei useAnimations

I would like to use useAnimations from @react-three/drei to overlay and animate a 3D model with a video. However, I am unable to play the animation of the 3D model, which is crucial for my project. It seems that the animation is being loaded, but it won’t play. Could you please help me understand why this is happening and how to fix it?

i see no threejs in the repo you posted.

you can use

npx gltfjsx yourmodel.gltf --transform --types

and it will give you a typed component ready to run animations. the animations are typed as well.

and a small example GLTF Animations - CodeSandbox

Thank you for your response. Although it wasn’t the method you suggested, I was able to solve the issue. Since it was an animation where the camera moves, it seemed necessary to update it with useFrame .