Draw walls using mouse in threejs

Hi I would like to know how to create rectangle in the 2D using mouse and extrude it in 3D adding the measurment of the walls as used in autocad in anyway I want drawing to be like this

Thank you

This function is very useful

you need to implement a basic sketcher, that is no small feat.

an event system with support for drag-n-drop, bubbling and pointer capture is a requirement

as well as being able to merge geometries with booleans

and a way to measure

at that scale doing it in vanilla is imo pointless. you’d be spending half the time on the event system alone. with react + three it would be relatively simple, you “just” need to extend the sandboxes above.

at work we’re building something like this but it is a real CAD sketcher with constraints and all, nothing that i could just copy and paste.

ps, the sketcher above is available as a drop in component, the whole CAD suite is: https://buerli.io if you want CAD in the browser buerli might be a real option. it’s currently in beta.