Draw Line With Html From position

I want to show the dimension of my modal using html/css, I already made it with points but which I want is line to connect points. How can I do that?


Drawing lines – three.js docs (threejs.org)
LineBasicMaterial – three.js docs (threejs.org)

Thanks for reply, but the thing is I want to draw this with html/css , not in the scene

canvas 2d context

I dont know, but maybe need svg. Or css tag div with rotation…

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Look at this example

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: I was hoping to find something like that :d

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Yes, it’s pretty intensive when there’s many elements in the scene, depending on the use case you could generate a lot of this with line geometry between css2d nodes for a more performant environment. Again it depends on use case.

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