Drag camera around and move

hey guys I want a first-person camera but it moves by dragging… some thing like this:

as you can see it’s not orbit-control cause it’s not looking at 1 object and you can move around, do we have some formula for camera rotation only by dragging?
i did manage to get here but i am moving the camera by mouse move which is not I wanted but can’t seem to work out this to drag for camera rotation

    const xh = this.input_.current_.mouseXDelta / window.innerWidth;
    const yh = this.input_.current_.mouseYDelta / window.innerHeight;
    this.phi_ += -xh /9;
    this.theta_ = clamp(this.theta_ + -yh /9, -Math.PI / 3, Math.PI / 3);

    const qx = new THREE.Quaternion();
    qx.setFromAxisAngle(new THREE.Vector3(0, 1, 0), this.phi_);
    const qz = new THREE.Quaternion();
    qz.setFromAxisAngle(new THREE.Vector3(1, 0, 0), this.theta_);

    const q = new THREE.Quaternion();


this is my mouse information in input_

    this.current_.mouseX = e.pageX - window.innerWidth / 2;
    this.current_.mouseY = e.pageY - window.innerHeight / 2;

    if (this.previous_ === null) {
      this.previous_ = { ...this.current_ };
    this.current_.mouseXDelta = this.current_.mouseX - this.previous_.mouseX;
    this.current_.mouseYDelta = this.current_.mouseY - this.previous_.mouseY;

What about this
Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

hey @seanwasere thank you for your reply

but in the end, I want to move the camera according to the place user is looking, like an fps camera when you look right and press W you move towards that location… I don’t think I can achieve it with Orbit-controller? can I?

Maybe PointerLockControls is what you want.