DRACOLoader object URL not disposed

This is never disposed:

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Hmm, will the browser GC it eventually, without calling revokeObjectURL, f.e. when no longer referencing the DRACOLoader?

It would be probably cleaner to include the following into the dispose() method of DRACOLoader.

if ( this.workerSourceURL !== '' ) {

     URL.revokeObjectURL( this.workerSourceURL );


@donmccurdy Do you see any downsides in doing this?

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At some point I’d like to rework DRACOLoader to pool workers among different loader instances, but I’ve been meaning to do that for a while and haven’t found time. That would require a slightly different strategy. But in the meantime yes – we should probably just revoke the URLs here.

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dracoloader still crashes the browser “Out of Memory” after a while,

Do you mind providing more context? It would be best to demonstrate the issue with a live example.