Dof / bokeh pass with animated gltf

hello guys,

i am currently trying to add a bokehPass / depth of feild to one of my projects with an animated gltf, it seems the render pass does not update with the motion of the animated character and i’m left with an outline of the original frame of the gltf model, which looks like this…

does anyone understand why this is happening and how to update the bokehPass to folow the gltf animation?

thanks very much in advance!

Unfortunately, this use case is currently not supported. More information at GitHub:

The issue mentioned morph targets but the issue also appears with skinning.

thanks for the insight @Mugen87

did try with the suggestions of using MeshDepthMaterial and MeshNormalMaterial with morphTargets set to true but alas the same issue persists…

would the same be true with bokehShader2 in this example?

Yes, that is a general limitation.

ok thank you for your answer @Mugen87 do you think this will maybe be a possibility in the future?

Maybe but it has not a high priority right now.