dodecahedron ballpit

mostly just to show off react-postprocessing. if you don’t use react and haven’t heard of pp yet, check out GitHub - vanruesc/postprocessing: A post processing library that provides the means to implement image filter effects for three.js.. btw, first time i’m using effects without fxaa/smaa in webgl2 with multi sample AA, looking good imo. :slight_smile:


Pretty! :relaxed:

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looking good. have you already tried experimenting with postprocessing on any mobile devices? i’d be interested in knowing if there’s an upper limit for how many effects one could stack before a considerable slowdown on mobile.

not so much but i use it lightly. now with the postprocessing lib there’s no pass chaining, it merges shaders, also no post AA, it uses multi sampling. that makes it faster than the effectcomposer, i think for most usecases it should be fast enough on mobile.

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I second this, the color composition is so smooth and on point! :ok_hand: