Displaying FEA results using threejs

I’m trying to develop an real-time wind turbine simulation Finite Element Analysis software using three.js to display the caculated 3D FEA results. Like the image below, the showed 3D wind turbine rotates like the real physical one does. I can generate dozens of VTK format result files per second, i.e. dozens of frame per second.
I have two questions here:

  1. I’m wondering is there any way to display vtk format file or general type FEM file(Like FEA software ANSYS , COMSOL outputs) using three.js? Any file format tranformation is accepted.
  2. Am I only able to use load function to load 3D FEA files frame by frame? (the size of single FEA result file may be large, and the frame rate may be heavily influenced by the internet quality)Maybe generating animation of several frame in advance can achieve better performance?