Directory listing on Localhost

Whenever i run threejs editor on the localhost with npm it shows directory listing and I’ve tried so many things to disable that but didn’t work out.

Have you already tried these steps?

  • Download the repository from GitHub
  • Unzip the file, navigate into the projects root directory and execute npm i && npm start
  • Call http://localhost:8080/editor/

Notice that port might be different if a service on your system already uses the port 8080.

Yes sir I did it but i want to disable directory listings and second thing when i go to the localhost:8080 it should show the editor directly.

Because I want to deploy the editor to my firebase but since there are file path and directory listing issues i am not able to deploy it.

Can’t you define the root directory with Firebase?

BTW: You might want to search for help at the Firebase community since this issue is unrelated to three.js.

I’ve already defined the root directory with firebase…With all due respect sir I want to know how can i disable directory listing since i can’t find the way with http-server, npx serve, npm start …I hope you got my problem
Thank You :slight_smile:

And thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate that.