Directional light shadow weird edges. Light leaks inside

I have a directional light coming from outside the house. However, the light gets through on the intersection between boxes. How do I solve this? Please help! I’m using fiber and drei.

And 3 random light dots here

Different values: -0.004, -0.04, -0.4, 0.004, 0.04, 0.4 etc.
Also maybe: mesh.material.side=THREE.DoubleSide;

Thanks so much.
shadow-normalBias={0.1} and
shadow-bias={0.0004} worked for me.

The double side wasn’t the one.
I also had to make sure that no meshes overlap each other.

how did you achieve this using directional light?

i have tried everything but i am not able to figure it out as i need this kind of effect on a interior project of mine. My failed attempt is shown below

You need a ground there with receiveShadow set to true. Also make sure the directional Light and the renderer have shadows enabled!

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thanks a ton