Difference between 'TextBufferGeometry' and 'TextGeometry'

What is the Difference between ‘TextBufferGeometry’ and ‘TextGeometry’.
Also, need help in adding text geometry mesh to a cube geometry mesh, so that it behaves like a single entity.(text written over a box)
Any solution with out ‘group’ or ‘object3D’ would help.
Would adding a mesh to another mesh like in mesh1.add(mesh2) solve the above issue?

Any response is appreciated :slight_smile:

TextBufferGeometry is based on BufferGeometry, TextGeometry is based on Geometry. You can read more about the differences between both types of geometry representation in the documentation:


Why is using a group a problem for you? This would be an ideal solution. Adding a mesh to another mesh works of course too.

Thanks for the reply, but If i use group i am facing a problem with drag controls!