[Devs] Permanent contract | Part-time or Full-time | in Italy | Remote work allowed with fast and reliable internet connection | Three.js, React, Websocket, Typescript/Javascript

If you have experience/skills as a developer with Three.js, React, Websocket, Typescript/Javascript (at least two of them), my company is going to hire developers with a permanent contract.

You can work in our office if you’re near - we’re in the South of Italy - or if you want to live here: it’s a very good place to live in.

Or you can work remotely, with a fast and reliable internet connection.

You can work full-time (8 hours/day).

Or part-time (4 hours/day), if you prefer.

English and Italian language, or at least one of the two.

Your time-zone should make your work-time have a big intersection with Italy’s time-zone, or at least with a big part of 9:00-13:30 time-window of Italy time.

Please specify your age and country of residence, both to let me know that you actually put care in reading this post, and because they’re useful to know for bureaucracy-related reasons (not just curiosity).

The company is working on a web product - it’s ready, but will keep evolving over time: thus if you’re comfortable using a keyboard to create working code, and fit with the description above, let’s talk.


Hi Muten,
I’m Italian, 37 years old and I live in Berlin :slight_smile: Do you have a mail where we can discuss this?

Bests and thanks,

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