Deviceorientation controls are shaky

Hi, I’ve played around with the deviceorientation controls example and found that it is very shaky (jittering) on my iPhone 11 Pro. I’m wondering if this is a know issue and maybe even only an iPhone issue and if anyone knows what can be done to make it a bit more stable.
A screencapture of the issue can be see here:

I’m unable to reproduce the shaking on a Pixel smartphone. Unfortunately, I can’t test with an iPhone. However, it would be good to know if other iPhone users could confirm this issue. Here is the link to the example:

I tested on an iPhone 6S and I can see no shakiness

Black screen on iPhone X iOS 13 using Safari fully up to date—works on Chrome though and no jitter.

Hm, Galaxy S7 works fine. My iPhone 11 Pro also runs iOS 13. I wonder if we could find another iPhone 11 Pro to test.

It looks the same in Chrom on my 11 Pro

Using an iPhone XS with iOS 13, I get a couple noticeable bumps/recalibration every few seconds after starting the experience—then it settles down.

I don’t get anything like the shaking and stuttering in the video above, but I do get a sort of brittle jitter generally when moving the phone quickly.

Anecdotally, I feel I’ve been noticing a slight jitter on iOS for almost a year? I know that when using a phone as a “magic window” for advertising experiences, we have been applying some smoothing to avoid this (at minor loss of responsiveness).

Hi everyone,

Thank for all the support. I restarted my iPhone and now all is good again. It all boils down to.
‘Have you tried turning it off and on again’ :joy:


Glad to hear that! In any event if iOS related problems occur again, it’s best to report such issues directly to Apple or Webkit.

DeviceOrientationControls only processes raw event data without any post-processing.

I just observed the same or similar issue in iOS 14 so have requested attention at both of the suggested links (reported to Safari Feedback and opened request at Webkit ), thanks.

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