Camera controls not working in iOS but workin on android

Please check this link this is working perfectly fine on android devices but not on iOS device
link : Display Webcam Stream

i have used the device orientation camera with backround as camera feed, in android behavior is as expected but in iOS motion sensor permission is not being asked so device orientation camera is not working.
Please help me solve it. Thanks in advance.

iOS device used iphone 6 with iOS 14

Do you mind testing whether the following example works on your iPhone or not: three.js webgl - controls - deviceorientation

Yeah this is working I also followed the same but still my code is not working on iOS but is working in Android. If possible please check my code and let me know any change that needs to be done

You also need a user interaction (e.g. a button press) before your actual app logic starts.

ok will try that and see

yes this worked. Thanks a lot

I am also having similar issue, Let me also try this, I hope the it gets resolved!