DeviantArt Museum

Hello !

I made a virtual gallery based on the DeviantArt API. You can visit any artist’s collection from the platform or just explore the famous deviantions of the week from the homepage.
And it works in VR !

I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:



Interesting idea. It’s fun when I run through the corridor to see images dashing around me.

– Pavel

PS. You might consider disabling the context menu of the browser.

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Its beautiful. Nicely done.

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Great. Have more corridors and rooms too!

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

It’s infinite :heart_eyes:

Thanks !
It could be nice but it would require to add a pop up to ask the user if I can put the window in full screen


Why would it require it? I’m talking about this menu:

It can be disabled without interfering with the user.

function contextMenu(event)

– Pavel

Doors through the fluid rocks will attract more adventurous visitors to new places! :smiley:

Oh okay, are you rotating the camera with the right click ?
That’s maybe why the menue is annoying for you

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The issue is that a gallery can be infinite, so if I want to create more than a simple corridor I have to find a way to randomly generate it, or you will have the feeling that you are in a loop

It is just unusual to have one interaction doing two unrelated things together, at the same time.

awesome, thank for sharing