Developer needed with Three.js, TypeScript, Blender, Amazon Sumerian Hosts skills

Developer needed with Three.js, TypeScript, Blender, Amazon Sumerian Hosts skills


Looking for creative, talented, and quick three.js, TypeScript developers with Blender and Amazon Sumerian Hosts experience.

We are building a three.js, TypeScript app using Blender to add animation to Amazon Sumerian Hosts and make them speak and understand via AWS Polly and Lex.

AWS SDK for JavaScript knowledge is a plus.


  • Convert the amazon-sumerian-hosts repo using TypeScript and AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 (aws-sdk-js-v3 GitHub repo).
  • Get familiar with our three.js, TypeScript app.
  • Integrate the 2 hosts in the converted amazon-sumerian-hosts repo into our app.
  • Replace the alien host with the woman host.
  • Replace the 2 hosts with 2 of our custom hosts.
  • Explain the code in detail (if asked).
  • Recommend additional skill sets to hire.
  • Learn additional skills.
  • Update to the latest non-conflicting packages.
  • Implement best practices build process with linting (TypeScript ESLint)



  • Good verbal communication skills in English or Hungarian.
  • Quick learner
  • Code fast and multitask.
  • Self-motivated
  • Self-starter


  • The work will be 20-40 hours/week.
  • The Code is in Git.
  • Work on developer's own PC or VPN into our VM.
  • This work potentially can be a constant 40 hours/week assignment, contract, or full time.
  • The goal is to ultimately assemble a team of 3-5 developers, 3D designers, animators.

I am a junior three.js in China and have 2 years of experience. Can I join?

What’s your email?

Hi, I have experience in developing and make things work in Amazon Sumerian. I am currently working on creating a virtual fairground. If interested please contact me through email(

I am a threejs developer and I think I can handle this job. Please get in touch. My gmail is donnie92723@
Looking forward to working with you

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