Depth not working correctly

I created two scenes, one for two 2d renderings (Orthographic Camera), and one for 3d rendering(Perspective Camera), I applied an effect on the first scene (2d), and then I checked autoClear=false so I could render these two scenes
the code in the updated function

boxMaterial.uniforms.time.value = elapsedTime


  renderer.render(plane, quadCamera)

  renderer.render(rtScene, compCamera)

  renderer.setRenderTarget(null) = RT_A.texture
  const rt_temp = RT_A
  RT_A = RT_B

  RT_B = rt_temp
  planeM.uniforms.tDiffuse.value = RT_B.texture

the issue is that the depth buffer not working correctly
the axesHelper behind the boxGeometry is appearing which should not be