Problem with depthTest false material

There is a object (left) material set as
material.transparent = true; material.opacity= 0.5;

And the other one (right) material set as
material.transparent = true; material.depthTest = false;

When i rotate the camera just like the picture below

looks like the left object pass through the right object.
is there any material property can solve the problem?

looks like transparent=true material will affect depthTest=false material

Why are you turning off depthTest in the first place?

when the right object selected , i do not want it covered by others, set material.transparent = true; material.depthTest = false; can make it always on top of others.

Even if you set depthTest to true that doesn’t mean it will render last. It looks like you have another transparent object that’s rendering which uses depthTest = false that renders after your box. You can guarantee that your box renders last by using mesh.renderOrder = 1 (or some higher number than what’s being used elsewhere in the scene)