Death by AI - Jackbox style AI Party Game (Threejs+React)

Dec-01-2023 22-31-14
We had fun building this game, shared on Discord, now sharing here with the community. Built this using Threejs, React and Playroom Multiplayer Kit.

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Very nice idea. Although I played alone and only one game, I had a good laugh.

My character was named “myname”. The scenario was:

Pirates are making you walk the plank over shark infested waters

My response was to vomit, so the pirates run away, the sharks swim away, and I am happy and alive.

The AI decided an amazing outcome:

As myname bravely steps towards the edge of the plank, they take a deep breath and purposefully vomit, creating an unexpected and repulsive sight for both the pirates and the sharks.

Disgusted and fearing the spread of disease, the pirates hastily retreat back to their ship, while the sharks, startled by the unexpected onslaught of bodily fluids, swiftly swim away.

Miraculously, myname manages to avoid plunging into the deadly waters, leaving them both relieved and overjoyed.