Dashed line ArrowHelper

Hi, I am trying to create a dashed dimension line with butt ends for a product configurator.
I’ve tried switching BasicLineMaterial to LineDashedMaterial within the ArrowHelper class, but its still displaying as a solid line.

Am I missing something?

Heres my setup:

The usage of dashed lines only works if you call Line.computeLineDistances() before rendering the lines.

I’ve put that method after THREE.Line(geometry, material) in the class but no dice

ArrowHelper’s .line has the scaling and the distance between its geometry’s vertices is always equals to 1.
So play with the .scale property of LineDashedMaterial, setting it to something greater, than 1 (set it, for example, to 4, and see how it works)

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@Mugen87 Thank you guys for the help! I got it to work.