CustomBlending and transparent is not working

Hi every one,
I am using three js library with React js.
we have need to transparent the texture on object.i am using CustomBlending,SrcAlphaFactor and transparent in code but not work.

Please check and help me.I have attached source code.

loader.load('obj/inside_roller.obj', function ( object ) {
	object.traverse( function ( child ) {
		if ( child instanceof THREE.Mesh ) { ="Aluminum") > 0 ? aluminium_texture : texture
			child.material.transparent = true;
			child.material.blending = THREE.CustomBlending;
			child.material.blendSrc = THREE.SrcAlphaFactor;
			child.material.blendDst = THREE.SrcColorFactor;	
	object.position.set(- 58,-7,-2);

	scene.add( object );
}, onProgress, onError );

My Scene.js (6.6 KB)

Hello! May be need this:
var renderer=new THREE.WebGLRenderer({antialias:true,alpha:true,transparent:true,premultipliedAlpha:true,physicallyCorrectLights:false,logarithmicDepthBuffer:false});

I have apply this code but not working.

=> Same code working without React JS.but need to work with react js.