Custom Bloom Shader without Postprocessing

Hey everyone!
I want to add a bloom effect to my model without using postprocessing(render targets), is it possible?
The only thing that came up to my mind, is cloning this model, scaling it up a little, and using a custom shader with additive blending.
What do you think of this approach? And do you have any other techniques?

By doing it without postprocessing - in one way or another - you’ll try be attempting to emulate on CPU an effect GPU can do quite way faster, easier, and more accurate. Is there a reason to not do it that way?

Simplicity, doing it with postprocessing and selective bloom (i need only one object) + custom shaders, would require to add all the shader chunks by hand into my custom one. So I won’t say that its easier.

FakeGlowMaterial by @Anderson_Mancini? This should work with both r3f as well as plain three…

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I’ve come to a conclusion that I need to use render targergets(aka postprocessing) either way, cuz the fake bloom looks rly bad