CurveModifier snapping and jittering on complex curves

UPDATE: Looks like this will be resolved. Thanks :slight_smile: @Mugen87
Hope it doesn’t break anybody. :smiley:

I’m using the CurveModifier and seeing stair stepping when moving meshes along the curve.

The magFilter on the spline datatexture is explicitly set to NearestFilter in the CurveModifier constructor.

Switching this to LinearFilter makes the CurveModifier much smoother.

Might we perhaps change this default?

I’ve made a PR here:

Here is a glitch that lets you toggle the filtering mode to see the issue:

With NearestFilter (the default) notice the different sized cube instances, and when animating they snap along their path…

vs LinearFilter which shows all cubes instances uniformly sized, and moving smoothly along the path:

It’s less noticable in the curvemodifier example but still visible:
Look at the shading on the lowercase ‘h’:
default NearestFilter:

changed to LinearFilter:

edit: I made a glitch that shows the issue clearly:
Default Nearest:


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