Css3d with threejs

Hello community

  • I wonder if there a way to get for example a plane position and copy it to html div !

  • next issue is: can i make some animation to the css element from js?

  • I need to make swipe animation on a 3d plane but when i add camera position and plane the html
    element become too huge , i try to scale them but messed up everything

demo: http://jsfiddle.net/0hpvgo3s/8/

Do you mean something like Object3D.getWorldPosition plus Vector3.toString() :eyes: ? Or to place a div in the same position as the plane?


That ain’t no question. :eyes: But instead of scaling - try adding some more offset to the position. Things in 3D do become huge if you move close enough to them.

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Maybe there is something useful to find :thinking:

Do we need the intermediate object. (.css3dObject.)
WebGLRenderer & CSS3DRenderer in one

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thank you for replay , i will try

That’s sounds helpful , hope i can make what i want !