CSM this.mainFrustum.split is not a function

Hello, I wanted to implement shadows, but lets say I am limited to… well, not using modules and this error came up. I am using JS files directly hosted at threejs.org (from /examples/js/ & /build/) so this is kinda weird it errored.

This could be an issue in the CSM implementation. There is a class called examples/js/csm/Frustum.js which overwrites the default THREE.Frustum class when using global scripts.

Would you mind filing an issue at GitHub for this? We maybe have to rename examples/js/csm/Frustum.js to examples/js/csm/CSMFrustum.js.

/cc @gkjohnson


Oh interesting – when the CSM shadows were added by the original contributor there was no /js version so this problem wouldn’t have been present. I agree with renaming the /csm/Frustum.js to /csm/CSMFrustum.js.


Okay, there is a PR now: