How to put three csm in your website

I got a solution in my other question but I cant import a github thingy into my website all its giving me is errors. its this link GitHub - StrandedKitty/three-csm: ☀️ Cascaded shadow maps (CSMs) implementation for Three.js. i dont know how to really put in github things because im a beginner in three js.

The best answer will depend on your build environment.
Are you using,

  • importmaps?
  • using CDN links or self hosting the threejs libs?
  • bundling using webpack, parcel,
  • using R3F?
  • typescript?

Search for examples of using CSM

Here are 2.
Official Example : three.js examples
My Example : Cascaded Shadow Maps - Three.js Tutorials


I never knew there was an official csm import for this, thanks.