Creating THREE.viewHelper like on editor page

Hi, I was looking for a way to get the ViewHelper like on the editor page. I just added file from editor source code that is a Viewport.ViewHelper.js that is looks like blender widget. is there any guide to add view helper like editor page. But when I was looking into a code new ViewHelper( camera, container ); is it container means can changed to a renderer.domElement, thanks.

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Sorry, there is no guide or tutorial for this. The only way of solving this is to study the code in detail. Maybe debugging will help you to get a better understanding of the internal workflows.

thanks, ok im trying it for now.

@playbyan1453 I was just about to post this same question. :blush:

Did you find a solution? And if so, can you share a jsfiddle?

Sorry for the late reply im still working to make the script work.

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can you share some code or hints?

This PR was very helpful for my use case:

Hope it helps you too! :blush:

Have you implemented the helper in editor page ??

I have tried to run this code simply in editor html page but this GUI import is not in the threejs folder.
import { GUI } from ‘./jsm/libs/dat.gui.module.js’;

Can you please help ?