Creating portals with AFRAME


I’m needing help with creating portals with THREE.js and A-FRAME.
I’ve been trying to create the portal mechanics, but nothing seems to work fully. I have the teleportation mechanics and shooting the portals done, but making sure you don’t teleport back through the portals and rotating in the direction of the portals are my 2 issues. The player isn’t far enough away from the portal to not go back in. However, I don’t know how to always put the player in front of the portal no matter the direction or position of the portals. I also don’t know how to always rotate the player in the same direction the portal is facing when the player goes through the portals. If I rotate the player rig, the camera becomes rotated at a weird angle as well.

Sorry for the confusing answer, and ask questions if you need to. Thanks for the help!
(If you need some code from my project, please ask as well!)
Website: here