Creating an opaque hemisphere

This is quite possibly a very simple question, so apologies in advance.

I’m trying to make a 3D (duh) hemisphere in ThreeJS.

I can create a hemisphere (in case I’m using the wrong word, a sphere, cut in half!) outer using the Circle or CircleBuffer geometry, but this leaves the flat side ‘empty’ for lack of a better word.

I have tried to fill this with a circle, but no luck.

I 'm sure its just a case of adding something to tell the geometry to add another face there but I have no idea how!

Thanks in advance!

You can group hemisphere and circle. You can position the circle correctly.

You can use my addon or look in the code there.

The code may be too difficult for beginners.

Try there: and look for the basic examples.


There I put together simpler geometry for beginners.
Note the feets and hands of the bumblebee.

This question has several solutions on SO already: