Creating a circle with line loop

I was previoulsy drawing a circle doing the following method…

function createCircle() {
    let circleGeometry = new THREE.CircleGeometry(1.0, 30.0);
    circleGeometry.vertices.splice(0, 1);
    return new THREE.LineLoop(circleGeometry, material);

I spliced the vertices to remove the center line, so when the line is drawn its just a circle.

Since updating it looks as though CircleGeometry doesn’t have vertices any more ? Could anyone tell me how to approach this now?

Wouldn’t RingGeometry effectively do what you’re trying to do :eyes: ? (If you really don’t want a doubled circle, just a single circle of vertices, you can also combine RingGeometry with BufferGeometryUtils.mergeVertices to merge two rings close to one another.)

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Ah great, I think I can work with by making the outer and inner radius the same, seems to look how i want. Thanks!

An approach with LineSegments and merged geometries: JSFiddle

thanks for the alternative solution. Ring Geometry seems a bit easier to understand for my purposes, but always good to know multiple approaches

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