Could not make teleport working

I will delete it after i get response from him ]

Hi Sir @seanwasere,

I am checking your teleport codebase !!

I am not able to do teleport!!

I tried clicking and unclicking but still i am not able to see ray as well !!

I am sorry to make a post here, I will delete it later because it seems not a three.js problem ( i hope i wont offend anyone who can delete this post)

How can i do teleport ?

This is demo 1 !!!

I wrote a code to make a curve ray after applying gravity on a line geometry but i am not able to figure out how can i do teleportation based on the place where the line hit the floor !!

I thought your teleport will be good resource to learn for this but i am not able to make it work !!

PS: I dont have headset, I am sorry if it needs headset !!
I am low in money so i can’t afford right now.