Convex Hull Class Usage

Hi, I am slightly new to three.js and was hoping anyone could help me use the Convex Hull class as I am not familiar with it. I have a bunch of vertices (shown in red) on a 3-D part. I would like the Convex Hull function to take all of these points and return only the outer points as shown. For the inner points I would like to calculate the center of the points that loop and remove the rest. Can someone explain how I can use the Convex hull class for this? The documentation doesn’t say much. I am also not sure if I should export some external document / class shown on the github docs for the same.

@Mugen87 any suggestions on how I can go about using the ConvexHull class ?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the class for your use case since the convex hull for this point set would look like so (red border):

That’s fine, I could acquire the remaining points on the curve on my own but I would like to know, more importantly, how to use the class.

AFAIK, the algorithm does not work for a 2D data structure. Does your shape has a volume?

Yes, the points you see are actually a bunch of points in 3-D space but they are all on the same plane.

In this case ConvexHull won’t work. It’s not allowed that the point set is coplanar.

I see, okay. Thanks!

Alternatively, is there any means to check if there is a hole in the geometry ? If I can detect a hole I can may be detect what points are in it and eliminate those.