Making ConvexHull out of CircleGeometries/RingGeometries in R3F

Three js n00b here. I am grateful to this community for the QnA bank it contains. But I am stuck with this problem since 2 weeks now and unable to find anything that can at least point me in the right direction. By mixing plain Three js code into R3F’s own renderer , using the ConvexGeometry component in three/examples/jsm/geometries/ConvexGeometry. and extracting the CircleGeometry from the scene and then trying to get its vertices from the geometry.attributes.position.array and passing it into the ConvexGeometry constructor , finally merging the two resulting geometries using mergeGeometries method in BufferGeometryUtils. But I am hitting errors left and right. Any help in this regard will be immensely helpful to me, thanks.

fiber doesnt have a renderer, you’re using threejs webglrenderer. there are no changed rules or outcomes. when you access a geometry, for instance using a ref, that’s the real threejs object.

im not sure i understand the problem though. could you explain the usecase and what you need to accomplish with ConvexGeometry?

Thanks for your reply @drcmda . I am using R3F to build a web app which is used to build a WYSIWIG editor for displaying 2D cross sections of electrical wires(circleGeometry), insulations (RingGeometry), enclosed within a foil , which according to the client’s requirements, will be able to enclose multiple wires (2 or more) and would be a ConvexHull shape. This ConvexHull requirement stumped me.