Convert X3D-XML, X3D-JSON to Three.js application

Your input is welcome before I embark on X3D-XML to Three.js JavaScript application converter.

I am familiar with the three-x3d-loader having added an X3D-JSON file input to it.

I am mildly knowledgeable about the VRMLLoader.

I have expert knowledge about X3D-JSON.

What I’d like to do is convert X3D-XML or X3D-JSON documents to Three.js JavaScript webapps.

I am an expert on converting X3D-JSON files to X3DJSAIL JavaScript apps with JavaScript (Nashorn and node.js)

I expect there are many Three.js examples available and support for developing Three.js apps.

I have 1 demo Three.js application under my belt, but it was some time ago.

What’s the likelihood I can pull such a feat off in 6-9 months, perhaps at first only supporting X3D Interchange profile?

This is merely a file conversion project. I don’t need to make the JavaScript output very fancy, but I will make some effort to do that.

I don’t know if Three.JS has a concept of VRML PROTOs, but I’ve written a JSON PROTO expander, which was not spec-compliant.