Controling vertex connections

I have a large array of 3D points. My plan is to draw a shape, and map the vertices of the shape to the points in my array. Unfortunately when I do this I get undesirable results.

If instead of drawing a shape, I create a plane, and map its vertices to my 3d Points then it looks great. The problem is, I will want to cut a hole out of my shape eventually, which is easily done with a three.shape. and not easily done with a plane.

I believe my issue is due to how the vertices connect (not sure if that’s the right terminology)

So my question, is there anyway I can control how the vertices connect?

here is a fiddle

you will see i have created a shape and a plane. however in wireframe you can see the vertices connect differently.

please bare in mind this is a really basic example. I may be working with 500 points, so in reality my plane.shape will need that amount of vertices too.

many thanks


This is something exotic. Could you put more information about what try to achieve?

Hi and thanks for your response. Its actually a continuation of a problem you helped me with previously (to do with creating a helix).

I am actually wanting to create a 3D arrow shape from any given set of points (e.g. a straight line, helix, “random” spline shape which the user has drawn (within reason) etc). The arrow should have a thickness to it, and a consistent (at least visibly)head size no matter what shape it is.

from my initial array of points (the centreline) I create an offset array of points that effectively define my arrow shape. I found this in itself abit tricky, but seems to work ok. If I connect all my points with a curve It looks good. here it is with a plane geometry mapped to it. heres two quick examples



the shape isnt perfect yet, but its getting there

Ultimately I want to my arrow to have a fat, consistent border and there doesn’t really seem to be any nice solutions for this.

Previously for a pure straight arrow I used THREE.Shape to draw and arrow, then cut a smaller offset arrow out of it (hence leaving me with a border shape) then created another shape the same as the hole. That way I could colour the border different to the main fill of the arrow this worked and looked really good, I could also control the thickness of the border easily. My plan was to do the same, but then map all the vertices to my 3d array of points.

I havnt got the the cutout yet, was just testing the inital shape

My other potential approach (i think??) is to continue to use a plane, but then apply a custom shader which gives it a border, but I have no experience writing them

hopefully this makes sense?