Context lost during line2 rendering only

I have about 350 meshes on my scene and everything works fine.

However, when I add just 10 lines (360 meshes total) the browser tab crashes and comes back like once every 30-60 seconds.

I’m not doing anything crazy, just adding 10 straight black lines from point A to B using:

import { LineGeometry } from '../lines/LineGeometry.js';
import { LineMaterial } from '../lines/LineMaterial.js';
import { Line2 } from '../lines/Line2.js';

let points = [
	new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, 0),
	new THREE.Vector3(10, 0, 0),
let positions = [];
let divisions = 24;
const spline = new THREE.CatmullRomCurve3(points, false, 'catmullrom', 0.1);
const point = new THREE.Vector3();

for(let i = 0, l = divisions; i < l; i++){
	const t = i / l;

	spline.getPoint(t, point);
	positions.push(point.x, point.y, point.z);

const geometry = new LineGeometry();

let matLine = new LineMaterial({
	color: 0xffffff,
	linewidth: 0.01, // in world units with size attenuation, pixels otherwise
	vertexColors: true, // also tried false and it works slightly better but RAM also goes to 15.8 GB and it crashes
	//resolution: // to be set by renderer, eventually
	dashed: false,
	alphaToCoverage: true,

let line = new Line2(geometry, matLine);

So, I guess this is a bug/feedback to the developers of three.js that there doesn’t seem to exist any solution to draw lines of thickness bigger than 1 from point A to B.

My RAM goes immediately from regular 10 GB to 15.8 GB (100%) when these 10 lines are being rendered, CPU goes from 10% to 50%, fan turns on immediately (normally it’s quiet) and you can observe Intel GPU 0 crash from 50% to 0% on the second picture.

To add to that: I’m adding and removing these 10 lines every 1 second every frame.

But I think I clear meshes from the scene correctly:

What I provided above seems to be the full isolated code to reproduce this issue, you only need to run it in requestAnimationFrame like:

static addLines(){
	// create 10 lines here using the code from my first post