Configurator in one model with multiple texture images

Hey , I have works with 3D modeler/designer that made my models using Blender

The model is clothing, user can choose type of collars and fabrics

I was thinking , when the designer already make one model , and then apply the texture image PNG, it should be the same color and kind of fabric on that Model, and how about if I have multiple choose color of fabrics and type of fabric

Should I create new model with texture along with new material ?

Can I just use one model but with multiple texture images

So when the user choose this image of fabric, it should visually without get new model for specific material for that texture ,

Is that possible?

Or any idea how to tell the 3D modeler/designer to make this configurator work in there js ?

He said the poly count of the model he made is about 260,000

He also ask me how many maximal materials in three js if I have multiple material with different texturing?

  1. Only if the geometry or UV mapping would change - if it’s only the material / color that’s different, not need for a separate model.
  1. Yup, 100%.
  1. No limit, you can swap them on the go by fetching materials in separate requests and applying them to an already loaded model.

All my materials are now mesh , and I already

So after he made the UV mapping, then I can put what ever texture I want them without changing it on blender? @mjurczyk
Because I don’t know much about blender, if I have new fabric to texturing it.

My model is about 260K count poly, how I can compress it ?

For my case to use in configurator, should I convert it into gltf or glb?