Components with functionalities similar to TransformControls

"Do you know of any components similar to TransformControls that allow rotating and moving meshes in a loaded glb file?

TransformControls is somewhat inconvenient to use. If there are other good components, please let me know. It would be perfect if they also have a feature to reset to the initial position!"


drei/pivotcontrols they’re more configurable than transformcontrols



Thank you for your guidance.
Of course, these should be usable in vanilla JavaScript, not just in a React environment, right?

pivot is for react + three, the only other one i know for vanilla is GitHub - sketchpunklabs/manipulator3d

I’m sorry, I couldn’t find the API documentation for sketchpunklabs/manipulator3d, so I’m asking for help.

After generating the manipulator on the rendering screen with manipulator.setActive(true); and adding the model to the scene with scene.add(model), I rotated the model on the x-axis:

model.rotation.x = Math.PI / -2;

Since then, the manipulator’s axes and the model are not aligned.

For example, when I transform the manipulator’s y-axis, the model moves along the z-axis. When I transform the manipulator’s z-axis, the model moves along the y-axis.

It seems that the manipulator did not rotate along with the model when I set model.rotation.x = Math.PI / -2;.

Do you know how to resolve this issue?