Color difference in canvas and the actual texture

I am trying to apply texture on imported model. But there is a difference, especially with light color,
Yes! I am setting
tex.encoding= THREE.sRGBEncoding;

renderer.toneMappingExposure = 1;
yes, tweaking the toneMappingExposure would lead me to closer color value … in my case it’s 0.7 if I tweak.

And I do have in consideration, like HDR Env which is affecting color of Sphere.

Mainly in white case it’s slightly more white
as you can see below,

Here is the codeSandBox: Texture Color Issue - CodeSandbox

I do get the Exact result in v146 … so it’s not the version issue

I might be missing some step in between.

I have included texture in public folder as well for reference.
Any help is appreciated,

Thank you,

how something appears on screen depends on which lights you use, the environment map. just like in the real world, look at something in the sunlight, shadows, moonlight, it will look different.

btw lots of unnecessary code. you don’t need pmremrenerator, just give it the texture. you also don’t need to mess with color spaces if you switch off legacyMode in THREE.ColorManagement.

i tried meshbasicmaterial, with toneMapped = false, it’s accurate. but when you use toneMapped on lit materials you get low dynamic range over exposure and contrast issues.