Collada Importer cannot read property sid of undefined

HI Forum,

i am trying to import a version 1.4 .dae exported from Cinema 4D R17 by the Three.ColladaImporter. (File in attachement)

So in my console i get the error: “Cannot read property sid of undefined” because the collada loader is unable to get the “node” inside the “virtual_scene”.

The Probleme is that my “skeleton” associated to the “virtual_scene” and not to the first “node” (my first Bone).

In my case the visual_Scene got id=“ID3”; the first Bone got id=“ID4”; and the skeleton associated to ID3 not ID4.

Any help would be nice.
Thank you!

What do you mean with ColladaImporter? Do you refer to ColladaLoader?


yeah i mean the ColladaLoader.

You have to check the skeleton is associated to the first bones, when not the ColladaLoader doesn´t know the node.

So i think you have to search inside the dae for the first ‘bone’ or ‘joint’

Can you please test if ColladaLoader2 gives you better results (some day, ColladaLoader2 will substitute the old ColladaLoader)? Please pick the version from the dev branch.