Collada access nodes for movements

Hi there,

I’m new at this theme, but I’m using a CAD model in a collada file and now I want to access some parts/nodes of the model to animate the model or to create a movement of some parts.

Maybe you guys can help me to find a solution or beginning for this.

Thank you

I recommend you try to load your dae file with ColladaLoader and see what happens. The following two examples might be helpful as starter templates.

Thank you my demo project is based on the collada kinematics. The file is loaded, but there is no movement.

The joints won’t animate automatically. You have to do a similar setup like in webgl_loader_collada_kinematics. Check out the following code section:

Thank you.

I have joints which transform a rotational movement into a translational movement. First of all, I want to access the node of the part with translational movement, just for tryout.

I’ve analyzed the collada files of the example and mine. After the defined meshes/geometries there are no joints, just matrices of the nodes.