Clusters: using Three for a 2D game


I’ve used Three to remake the old 1990s freeware game Stardust (which I also wrote, back in the day) as a web game Clusters. Items of possible interest to this forum:

  • I don’t use Sprite anywhere. I found it more flexible to use OrthogonalCamera and simple ‘tile sprites’ with a square Geometry and MeshBasicMaterial, letting me easily adjust the UVs, transparencies, color effects and such.
  • Did the starry background with a rotating PerspectiveCamera and a CubeTexture background, some fun zoom tricks by animating the camera’s FOV to ridiculous values like 1 or 179
  • Responsive design to work well on cell phones and iPads (which is why I added a ‘joystick’ to an otherwise keyboard-driven game)
  • Lot of interaction between HTML elements and multiple canvases, orchestrating key, mouse, and touch events
  • Sound using THREE.Audio




so cool, good job

Awesome! Really love it!