Click> create new object > leave object in these coordinates

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for your help.
I have one model that I would like to copy after pressing a button from the menu. Speaking a bit in general it is a pizza element( mushrooms) that I would like to add several times to the canva. I am also unable to retrieve the current mouse location and assign that location to the model.
The general idea is this:
I click on the button, the model appears, by clicking on it I am able to move it to any location on the pizza, and then when I click on the element again, leave it at that position.

First load the model and keep it in memory, then just Object3D.clone, and add the clone to the scene.

TransformControls - code in the bottom right side :relieved:

Thank you @mjurczyk very much.
if i had further questions, could you give me some contact to yourself ?
I would be very grateful.