Clear history of scaling/rotations made in Blender

Every time I import a model I made in Blender I have to tell three.js to apply all the scales and rotations as well, otherwise my model looks all deformed. In addition to wasting space in my code in some cases I don’t even know how to solve it (like with morph targets) other than going back and redo the entire model without using tools like scaling and rotations, that can be useful when modeling. Is there a way to save a model setting the current size/rotation/etc as the base shape so that that’s what is interpreted as the model with no scaling and no rotation?

Could you share an example of a deformed model? Did you try applying the transforms in Blender (ctrl + a or f3 -> Apply - All Transforms) ?


Could you clarify your workflow a bit more? Are you exporting from Blender with the old three.js JSON addon, or using another format like glTF?

That’s the solution, thanks