3d model in blender random hexagons and lost modifiers in three.js

I modeled this donut in blender 3.0.0

And I used file > export > glTF 2.0 (With .glb)
When I used GLTFLoader with three.js to load it in, I get this mess:
Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 8.08.48 AM
How can I make it look like the original model?
I’m a newbie at blender and THREE.js, so sorry if this question is stupid.

did you apply the modifiers in blender?

Yeah, I added the modifiers in blender, they’re just not working in THREE.js, and the material looks weird as you can see in the original image.

The “Apply” button is one of the icons on the modifier in Blender, which deletes the modifier and bakes it into the mesh. Modifiers must be applied/baked for export, either manually or in the exporter settings.

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Oh! That makes sense.
Thank you, it works now and renders perfectly!

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